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Two-Step-Release with MLU for Pentacon Six and Exakta 66 protected by law under DBGM 20 2004 010 537.3)
After many customers have been asking for a MLU (Mirror Lock Up)...

I have always refused to install the MLU device like in Exakta 66 Mk 3... Why?

Now, how the TSR works:


1st Step: Press shutter release button part of its way: Mirror locks up.

2nd Step: Press shutter release button right to the end (or again): Shutter releases.

Between first and second step the release button or cable release can stay operated (half) or not. This means you can either operate it first half, then full, or once (only half) and twice (full).


Further features and some disadvantages:

Please note: This item is no more available