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Kiev TTL-Metering Prism Finder for Exakta 66 and Pentacon Six...
adapter protected by law

A cheap, good quality TTL-Prism for the Exakta 66 !
And finally a bright one for the Pentacon Six !

New all metal adapter version fits both Exakta 66 and Pentacon Six *)

*) Camera must have the locking button for waist level finder. Some Pentacon Six and Exakta 66 bodies exist with no button. The adapter wouldn´t snap in with those bodies. Owners of such cameras contact us before buy, please.

You will enjoy the following advantages:



Please note: The combination of camera + adapter + Kiev prism does not fit into the Pentacon leather case. Pentacon finder accessories (e.g. angle finder) do not fit Kiev 60 prismfinders.

Former Price in the European Community incl. VAT

Former Price for residents outside the European Community without VAT

Adapter only (read) no more available

71.40 Euros

Adapter only (read) no more available

60 Euros

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