Kiev 60 Flocking Kit

Reflexions may cause the following problems with Kiev 60:

a) partial lightening of the frame

b) vertical light line in the frame


a) The lighter area on the frame is caused by reflections inside the camera body between lens and focal plane shutter.

Vertical light lines are caused by light reflected onto the film by the film guide rolls. These lines always are in distance of 27mm to the frame before or 17mm of the frame after. This is exactly the distance between the film aperture and film guide rolls. Note: This problem is giving thin, sharp lines. More diffuse lines may be caused by light leaks between the shutter curtains, especially while film advance without a lens mounted (this should therefore be avoided!)


a) Clean surfaces from grease or oil. You might use black matt paint. But much more effective are the self-adhesive parts of black velvet surface the flocking kit is consisting of. Even the shutter release will be a bit less noisy then.

b) Selve adhesive parts of similar material are used to block the way for light between film aperture and film guide rolls.

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